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Sagarmatha OPC - 43 Grade

Ordinary Portland Cement

Sagarmatha OPC cement is higher strength cement made up of 95% clinker. This product is covered under “Nepal Standard 49-2041(Ordinary Portland Cement: Specification)”. The higher 28 days compressive strength of Sagarmatha OPC makes it suitable for all general purpose as well as specialized works. Sagarmatha OPC is having very low alkalis, which makes it more suitable for mass construction like dams, bridge etc. Sagarmatha OPC Grade cement produced at Ghorahi (Dang) Plant has the most modern Cement Manufacturing Technology, sophisticated and fast responsive Quality Control equipment.

Sagarmatha OPC- 53 Grade

Ordinary Portland Cement

Sagarmatha 53 OPC is covered under “Nepal Standard 572(Ordinary Portland Cement: Specification)”. Sagarmatha 53 OPC is manufactured by inter grinding of high-grade clinker and right quality gypsum in appropriate ratio. It has high strength and durability to structures because of its optimum particle size distribution and superior crystallized structure. Sagarmatha 53 OPC sets quicker and has a quite low initial setting time. It is used in paving of interlocking blocks, roads, runways and industrial building, bridge pillars, precast concrete elements, lofty building etc.

Sagarmatha OPC-25 kg

Ordinary Portland Cement

Sagarmatha OPC 25 kg is a half pack which can be used for the construction of Heavily Stressed Concrete Structures such as High Rise Buildings, Hydropower Projects, Dams, Commercial Complexes, Bridges and Heavy Machinery Foundations.

Sagarmatha Gold PPC

Portland Pozzolana Cement

The Sagarmatha Gold PPC is a Blended Cement which is produced by inter-grinding of OPC clinker along with gypsum and pozzolanic materials (Fly Ash) in certain proportions. The product is covered under “Nepal Standards No. 385-2054, Portland Pozzolana Cement”, the quality of fly ash to be used in manufacturing of PPC is also specified by “Nepal Standard No.  385-2054, Portland Pozzolana Cement”. The Sagarmatha Gold (PPC) Portland Pozzolana Cement is ideally suited for Mass Concreting Work, Masonry Mortaring and Plastering and can be used with all the other applications where OPC is used.

Sagarmatha Clinker

The primary raw material for Cement Manufacturing is Clinker. GCI owns a range of Limestone-mines and Coal-mines, located in the Western region of Nepal, which is mainly used to produce Clinker. GCI acts as a Self-Sustaining organization by meeting its primary needs locally and by making its products truly authentic.