About us

Ghorahi Cement Industry is a subsidiary of Triveni Group. The company was established in the year 2009, set amidst the largest valley of Asia, in the city of Ghorahi, Dang District, situated in Western Nepal.

GCI is an integrated unit, which started as a green field project, with humble capacities. With strong vision, and leadership, the company, in the last decade, has expanded its footprint exponentially in the local market, and has established itself a reputed company within the Nepalese Construction market.

Our Journey

  • In 2009, GCI started production of its Clinker Unit, with an annual capacity of 7,26,000 metric tonnes per year.


  • In the last quarter of 2013, GCI introduced its flagship brand of cement “ Sagarmatha OPC & Sagarmatha Gold PPC”, with an annual capacity of 2,50,000 metric tonnes annually.


  • In 2015 , based on the demand for its product, GCI expanded its annual capacity to 7,30,000 metric tonnes.


  • In 2020, GCI expanded its production capacity, by establishing a parallel clinkerization unit, in the same location, with an additional capacity of 1.45 million metric tonnes annual.

    In the year 2020, GCI further boosted its production capacity, keeping in mind the growing market, and its vision to be the market leaders.

    As of 2020, GCI’s total annual cement production capacity stands at 1.25 million metric tonnes, also as one of the highest producers of OPC and PPC cement in the country.


  • In totality as of 2021, GCI stands as one of the largest clinker manufacturers in the country with an aggregate capacity of over 2 million metric tonnes annually.

    GCI invested substantially, in ensuring that its capacity is supported by state of the art technology, which minimizes environmental impacts, and reduces energy consumption, and increases productivity, to match the best industrial practices globally.