Jalbayu Anukul

It is a Socio-environmental Label, created by the Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI), a non profit organisation, to help Nepali industries get climate smart through voluntary acts and continuous improvement. The program works with the partner industries to improve their practices so far as they relate to three actionable ways:


1) Climate Awareness

2) Climate Adaptation

3) Low Carbon Development.


The Program engages with the partner industries to help them assess their current status, and take voluntary actions in relation to the three actionables above, as they apply to the industries themselves, and to their immediate surroundings including the communities living in their close vicinity.

The program identifies the areas of collaboration between the partner industries and the communities living in their immediate vicinity in relation to the three actionable, and expedites such collaborative actions. The core program cost and the cost of actionable within and outside the premises of the industries are funded by the partner industries.


Clean and Green Plant

GCIPL strictly follows the policy of being a clean and a green plant. And we aim to cut down emissions to reduce pollution in whatever way we can.

We have started the initiative of Green Construction to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:

  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
  • Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation


GCIPL has created green parks and play areas for the family quarters for their recreation. Over 35000 trees of different flora have been planted all around the plant area. These trees vary from temperate fruit trees, forest trees to ornamental trees. The company also maintains its own nursery and observes new varieties of flora.About 8000 trees have been planted at our mining area to maintain the environmental balance.


Environmental Resource Management

Industries do have a major impact on the environment, as they emit a certain level of emissions/gases into the atmosphere, by operating heavy equipment’s such as fans, engines etc. which thereby creates a slight level of noise emission.

GCIPL being an eco friendly plant has taken measures to curb the same, which are as follows

  • To establish the ambient air quality, air sampling and measurements are conducted regularly. Air sampling stations are establishes at location around the proposed site to assess the background air pollution levels.
  • Noise monitoring is carried out at four different stations to identify the impacts on the factory surroundings. Noise levels are recorded at an interval of 30 minutes during sat and night times to compute the day- night equivalent and vice versa levels.
  • GCIPL believed in Recycling and Reusing, therefore all the Steel and Scrap is re used in the workshop; there is no energy loss. We try to minimize the wastage to the maximum extent possible.